FEDERICO DE NARDO/associate Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Engineer graduated from Florence University (Italy). I have worked in Italy in several composting and waste treatment facilities and abroad. I did my thesis on sustainable agriculture in Somalia and  Niger. Than I have followed several project on waste management and small and medium scale composting facilities in Ecuador, Lebanon, Palestine and Vietnam. In Lebanon I’m currently following a project on the first pilot application of the Anaerobic Digestion using Dry technology in Batch. In 2012 I have started my PhD on Environmental Engineering at Brescia University focused on appropriate methodologies and techniques in international development cooperation projects, download federico cv



VALENTINA RESENTE/ external consultant Architect and Urban Planner with a post-graduate specialisation on Urban Development and Reconstruction (IUAV, 2005). In the last 10 years I’ve worked in humanitarian response and development programs, as technical advisor and project coordinator. Since 2008 I’m focusing my research on urban development and post-emergency reconstruction processes in the Middle East (Lebanon 2008-2014, Jordan 2010, Kurdistan 2013-2014, Palestine 2014-2015). An adaptive planning approach informs my professional practice, in the attempt to adjust the balance between the order of designed formal solutions and the vitality of informal emergent ones, the individual autonomy and the collective good. download valentina cv


GADOR LUQUE/ associate. Architect (ETSA Alcalá de Henares, 2007) Granted by Fundación La Caixa for PhD access through Master in Architectural Technology in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (ETSA Barcelona, 2012-2013). I worked abroad for much of my professional experience, based in Rotterdam, Tokyo and Beijing. Working intensely in architectural offices such us Toyo Ito. I felt I belonged to every place I came to work. Nevertheless, at the same time I came increasingly to feel stateless, as if I was from everywhere in general, but nowhere in particular. Since the beginning of 2016, I have been collaborating with architects and engineers based on Palestine and I have come to know better the camps that contain the world’s largest and oldest refugee population. It was here I first heard the term permanent temporariness, something I already pursue through architecture but did not have a name for. Download Gador CV

MARCO GRAZIA/external consultant Development and humanitarian professional with more than 15 years of overseas experience. Graduated in Philosophy in 1995 at Genoa University I developed my academic background with a Master degree in Education (Bologna University) and several specialized courses on reasearch, planning, monitoring and evaluation (Essex University, Bologna University). I managed and supervised complex programs in emergency settings, early reconstruction phases and in developing contexts especially on social and education field in Middle east, Sub-Saharian Africa and Balkans. Lately I provided Technical Assistance and delivered training as free lance on participatory monitoring and evaluation of complex initiatives using traditional (Logical Frame Approach, Results Based Management) and new methodologies (Outcome Mapping, Outcome Harvesting, Most Significant Changes, Theory of Change), providing competences, skills and capacities to several development actors (governments at central and local level, CSOs, NGOs, CBOs),  download marco cv

 SARA BELLAVITA/external consultant  Civil Engineer graduated from Bologna University (Italy). A Post-graduate Master Degree in Urban infrastructure rehabilitation and  regeneration at Bologna University. I have worked in Togo on the design of a sanitary landfill and I’m currently based in Lebanon following the construction site of a pilot temporary Solid Waste Treatment Facility designed by azue to serve syrian refugees camps in Beqaa Valley. download download sara cv

CLAUDIA PRESTIA/external consultant Civil engineer, graduated in 2012 at Bologna University. I’m focusing my academic research and professional practice on green building design, exploring and testing environmentally sounds building materials, produced with a specific attention to their life cycle and made out of recyclables. I have proven experience in designing and realising  earthen buildings in self-construction: I worked to a prototype of a bioclimatic house using different building technologies  in Congo Democratic Republic (2012) and  I’ve design a pilot  bio-latrine model studied to comply with seismic standards for earthquake prone areas in Perù (2011). Currently I’m collaborating with studioazue  in designing a pilot temporary Solid Waste Treatment Facility in ISO standards freight-containers to serve Syrian refugees in the Beqaa Valley (Lebanon)

TOMMASO FERRARI/external consultant MSc in Environmental engineering at Padova University. Qualified for waste management, and biogas production. I gained my experience in Italy on landfills monitoring and quality control, in Guinea Bissau were I designed a biogas pilot production facility and in Nicaragua designing a sorting and composting facility and a system of MSW source sorting collection at household level, on a project funded by the EU. I’m the Academic tutor with University of Padova in the program “Engineering from Africa”.

HASSAN MUAMER, with a degree in Civil Engineering from October 6 University in Cairo, Egypt graduated in 2009. I gained knowledge and experience in working on landscape conservation and management plan in Palestine and also through intensive MSc courses on environmental studies and GIS, I have worked with UNESCO on landscape research and preparing dossiers for world heritage committees. In the past three years I have been working on leading environmental advocates and Solid Waste Management in West Bank and following up several related projects.

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