Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Engineer specialised in Waste Management. Legal representative of SA. Head of Solid Waste and Environmental Infrastructure Unit.

Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Engineer graduated from Florence University (Italy), PhD at the CeTAmb LAB research laboratory, department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environment and Mathematics, with a thesis on Solid Waste Source Sorting Collection Systems and Compost Enrichment. Technical advisor and coordinator of international cooperation projects on solid waste management and development of small and medium-scale composting facilities in Italy, Ecuador, Lebanon, Palestine and Vietnam. Experience in participatory planning, SMW participatory processes, and design of biogas production systems. Member of IAF (International Association of Facilitation) and AIP2 (Association International for Public Participation)

Federico’s CV

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Architect and Urban Planner specialised in Urban Development and Reconstruction. Head of Architecture and Urban Planning Unit.

Architect and Urban Planner with a post-graduate specialisation in Urban Development and Reconstruction (IUAV, 2005). In the last 10 years working in humanitarian response and development programs, as technical advisor and program coordinator. Since 2008 Valentina has been focusing her practice on urban development and post-emergency reconstruction processes in a perspective of social conflict management and mitigation in the Middle East region (Lebanon 2008-2014, Jordan 2010, Kurdistan 2013-2014, and Gaza 2014-2018).

 Valentina’s CV

GADOR LUQUE/ associate.

Architect and designer specialised in Architectural Technology.

Architect (ETSA Alcalá de Henares, 2007) Granted by Fundación La Caixa for PhD access through Master in Architectural Technology in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (ETSA Barcelona, 2012-2013). Proven professional experience at international level architectural offices based in Rotterdam, Tokyo and Beijing. Since the beginning of 2016, Gador has been working in Palestine with refugees and conflict affected communities elaborating urban regeneration projects.

Gador’s CV

TOMMASO FERRARI/external consultant

Environmental Engineer specialised in Waste Management

MSc in Environmental Engineering at Padova University. Qualified for waste management and biogas production. Experience in Italy on landfill monitoring and quality control. In Guinea Bissau he designed a biogas pilot production facility and in Nicaragua a sorting and composting plant with a system of MSW source sorting collection at household level, on a project funded by the EU. Academic tutoring with the University of Padova in the program “Engineering from Africa”.

CLAUDIA PRESTIA/external consultant

Civil Engineer specialised in Green Building Design

Civil Engineer, graduated in 2012 from Bologna University. Academic research and professional practice in green building design, exploring and testing environmentally sound building materials produced with specific attention to their life cycle and made out of recyclables. Proven experience in designing and realising earthen buildings in self-construction. She worked on a prototype of a bioclimatic house using different building technologies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2012) and she designed a pilot bio-latrine model studied to comply with seismic standards for earthquake prone areas in Peru (2011).

GIULIO CAMPANA/external consultant

Expert in economic development in rural areas

Giulio has worked since the early 90s on European economic development programs in over 15 EU and non-EU countries with a predilection for the rural environment, with which he works to create conditions for economic sustainability in the processes of innovation and growth. Giulio identifies among the objectives of his work the growth of the rural territory in the framework of tourism development with the relative qualification paths of the people who live and work in the rural context.

MARCO FOSCHINI/external consultant

Expert in financial management and sustainability of agri-food chains

With decades of experience, Marco owns a senior profile in the economic-financial management of European projects and in the coordination of clusters for innovation in the agri-food sector, promoting interaction between research centres, companies and training institutions.

MARTA DOMINI/external consultant
Environmental Engineer specialised in WASH

MSc Environmental Engineer graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin. PhD in “Appropriate methods and techniques for international development cooperation”, at the CeTAmb LAB research laboratory, department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environment and Mathematics. The PhD research was in collaboration with the WASH project of the NGO ACRA CCS, in Iringa, Tanzania. She has experience working in Africa in Madagascar and Egypt in the WASH sector since 2006. She followed several courses in EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale, Lausanne), Switzerland on drinking water and sanitation.

MARIO DE NARDO/external consultant

Organic Waste and Compost specialist

Agriculture Engineer graduated at University of Bologna. He has been involved in composting and fertilizer production since 1973. During these years he has carried out research and applications using equipment, materials, and management systems, in order to obtain different types of quality fertilizers, packaged , pelleted or loose based on compost and using different organic matrices. In particular, in recent years he has tested various formulations using microbial, mineral and vegetable additives, for organic and biodynamic agriculture, also as a function of simplifying processes and reducing odors. Allowing the production of high quality fertilizers, also diversifying the type.

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