/green-up/ worldwide 2011


Green up is an outdoor wooden modular system for greening rooftop terraces. The model has been design to be versatile thus allowing the design of hanging gardens suitable to match different environmental and climatic conditions.


It can be composed to respond to multiple functions: depending on the requirements,  the overlapping modules become planting units, paving elements, energy supplying PV panels , lighting spots and sitting areas. Thanks to its modular concept the system can be adapted to fit any specific buildings structural condition and clients’ request.


Green up is an effective way to reduce the energy demand of buildings by increasing the thermal mass of rooftop, to reduce the heat-island effect in urban contexts by providing cool roofing surfaces, to improve air quality and enhance biodiversity and to promote livelihood sustainable strategies through small-scale agricultural practices in an urbanized world.

The prototype has been designed in collaboration with the italian architecture office Avatar Architetturascarica presentazione pdf

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