/al nada neighbourhood community based reconstruction plan/gaza 2016

The Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation has commissioned to studioazue in partnership with DAAR ngo , the development of a Detailed Development Plan for the reconstruction of Al Nada Neighborhood. The overall objectives of the assignment is to assess the existing land, shelter, urban services and economic situation in the area, and to integrate the analysis into a comprehensive Detailed Development Plan for Al Nada ensuring enhancement of environment, governance and equitably serving the vulnerable.


The plan will provide a road map for developing the area for the next two decades. The process will develop synergies among public and private stakeholders towards the effective economic and social development of the Area.

Expected results are: the elaboration of a Detailed Development Plan of Al Nada adopting both participative and neighbourhood approach, the draft of Guidelines for implementation (planning and building regulations) and the design of specific Regeneration Projects according to a Priority Action Plan.


At the same time during the planning process an artist from Gaza Strip took the chance to perform a video for a song in front of the red painted building. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IY9-UbpAre0


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